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General: Appearances on a Couple of CNN Shows

Hi.  I was fortunate enough this past Friday to be featured on Anderson Cooper 360.  Ashleigh Banfield conducted the interview of both my client (an eyewitness to the Trayvon Martin murder) and me.  Ms. Banfield and the staff at 360 proved exceedingly gracious.

Further, this evening I am slated to appear on Nancy Grace’s program.  I am crossing my fingers that it goes well as Ms. Grace has established a reputation of, to say the least, being a tough questioner.

Again, I feel gratified for these opportunities to speak out on matters involving the Martin shooting, as well as the underpinnings of what perhaps is occurring in the City of Sanford.  I have some degree of knowledge (again, perhaps, an understatement) of the internal politics within Sanford) and it appears that the national media is interested in tapping such knowledge in its analysis of the investigation following Trayvon Martin’s killing by Mr. Zimmerman.

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