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Welcome Back to the Blog ….

Welcome to the return of my law blog — this time, under a different website, www.halifaxlaw.com.  For those unaware, for approximately three years, I ran a law blog under my own, Florida-based law firm, The Brett Law Firm, LLC (previously found at www.thebrettlawfirm.com.

Well, 2.5 years after my final posting at that blog, much has changed.  Most notably, I am now a resident of Nova Scotia.  Yes, I can advise that many Nova Scotians have given me a weird look when I explain that I relocated from Orlando, Florida, to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  However, as it turns out, this was a wonderful move — both for my family and me.  Florida is a wonderful place; however, Nova Scotia is — I believe — an even better place to raise a family, and establish true ‘quality of life.’  In effect, Nova Scotia (minus its winters), reminds me quite a bit of the Florida where I was raised in the 1970s and early 1980s.  Plus, as I have advised many of my fellow Nova Scotians — it is one thing to go on vacation or to retire to Florida, it is another thing completely to live and work in an environment that is more congested, more manic, and more dangerous.  The statistic that I keep hearkening back to (from 2013) is that over 1.2 million concealed weapons permits in the State of Florida.

Do I miss aspects of Florida?  Certainly.  Family, friends, restaurants … I have fond memories.  Shoot, it has been two long since I graced a table at Johnny’s Fillin’ Station or at Mediterranean Blue.  Yet, I must say — after a year of continuous presence in Nova Scotia — that this was a good move for the long-term.

Plus, who else can now say that they are the only active, full-time lawyer licensed in both Florida and Nova Scotia?  So, onwards and upwards.  I look forward to those of you who will read — and participate — at this law blog.  🙂

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