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Onward & Upward ….

Alright.  So, I have now been formally sworn-in to join the ranks of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society.  I look forward to serving clients both in Nova Scotia and in Florida.  Just for the sake of those interested, here is a photo of me in formal court garb:2014-10-17 13.21.36

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  1. Dories

    I knew you could do it you!
    congratulations congratulations congratulations

    from you old roomie

  2. D Gough

    Bravo Zulu Derek!!

  3. Joe

    An incredible story,. How many of us would be willing to make a such a change in the midst of legal career. Although I suspect we will see you back in Florida. As beautiful as Nova Scotia must be, Florida has its appeal, especially in the winter. Joe

  4. Mark Bowers

    There was never any doubt in my mind Derek….., here’s to new beginnings!! Cheers my Man!!

  5. Eric

    Way to go, my brother.

    Never a doubt in my mind.

  6. Gabriela

    Derek, congratulations! Your determination and hard work payed off. All the best in your legal career in Nova Scotia.

  7. Mark

    As Barry Manilow would say “Looks like you made it…!”

    Congrats! You’ve earned it twice over!


  8. Bruce

    Congrats neighbour! You deserve it! You have made the transition complete!

  9. Tom Hagan

    Looking Good Derek!!


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