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Short Note: Saturday Workdays


Weekends at Work

Well, it appears that I have returned to my old habits.  In Florida, I typically spent at least one weekend day, normally both, working on cases and grading of student papers.    Today, I find myself working.  At least, there is some sense of familiarity to this practice, one that began as far back as 1999.

Today, I find myself doing both meeting with people and cracking down on grading for my second-year students at NSCC.  This is the norm for lawyers who take their cases and business seriously, as well as for serious teachers.  It “comes with the territory.”  My normal practice is to sit out at cafes, and focus on the matters at-hand.  Indeed, in my history, the work week has not always proven the ripest time to accomplish focused work.  There are too many distractions, too many fires to put out.

Back to the grindstone.  😉

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  1. Mary Neish

    As a second year student, I thank you and the long hours you put in. It is helping us be prepared when we get into “the real world”.


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