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Labor & Employment Law

Labor & Employment Law
  • Wage & Hour Claims
  • Whistleblower Claims
  • Unlawful Termination
  • Union Representation
  • Police, Firefighter & Teacher Representation

Unions have proven, over the past 130 years, to be critical to establishing and maintain workers’ rights and wages.  Coming from a union background of teachers and factory workers, Derek Brett has distinguished himself through his demonstrated dedication to workers rights through his representation of union members against management.  Derek has involved himself deeply in collective bargaining negotiations and whistleblower protections.

Often, this has resulted in vigorous efforts before administrative bodies and investigating agencies.  Most notably, Derek Brett has represented law enforcement officers, firefighters and teachers during agency administrative investigations; criminal investigations through statewide investigative agencies; and any potential criminal prosecution of police officers, firefighters and teachers.  Derek is well-versed in the protections to union members under both federal and provincial/state laws.

Beyond union representation, Derek Brett possesses fifteen (15) years of experience in advocacy for all workers wage, hours, and working conditions.  Brett has participated in a number of actions challenging the efforts of large corporations, and government agencies, to exploit workers and deprive them of guaranteed wages and rights.  These cases have proven both challenging and demanding.  Yet, workers are too-often left at the mercy of employers.  Lawyer Brett believes that the balance of power needs to be evened out in an effort to vindicate the interests of those responsible for the prosperity and health of this Nation and its economy.