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Tax Law

Tax Law
  • Tax Representation Before CRA and IRS
  • Cross-Border Tax Issues
  • Tax Evasion Matters

Lawyer Derek Brett  is pleased to provide representation of taxpayers before the CRA and IRS including, but not limited to, cross-border taxation issues.  The focus of this area of Brett’s practice is fighting for the vindication of the client rights under federal law inclusive of the U.S. Taxpayer Bill of Right (“TBOR”) – of those unfairly targeted by CRA or the IRS.  Brett, with the cooperation of tax experts, is poised to – whether before the auditing, collections or appellate divisions – fight for taxpayer clients by  providing the representation required to withstand the collective force of a powerful federal agency.  The defense of taxpayers requires diligence, knowledge and sensibility.

In this day and age, there is likely nothing more frustrating and psychologically draining about our Government than having to confront the potential for tax liability.  Generally speaking, the CRA and the IRS possess an unfortunate, default perception of the taxpayers it contacts for audit and/or collection as being presumed guilty of attempting to cheat the Government on taxes.  In turn, taxpayers are normally ill-equipped to address the challenges of making the CRA and/or the IRS listen and understand.

The CRA and the IRS can have a positive function within  society; however, its efforts need to be refocused toward recognizing when taxpayers are unwitting or innocent victims of the system.  Derek Brett stands prepared to engage the CRA and the IRS in order to maximize the chances of its clients to either fight off or resolve tax liability and penalties.  Derek Brett possesses the necessary and constructive skills to educate the revenue officials to pull for clients and to redirect their energies away from its traditional methods of attempting to assess and collect taxes at virtually any cost.