Derek Brett – A Lawyer with an Edge

An American Lawyer — Tested & Ready to Assist Canadians in Legal Matters Originating in Canada and the United States

Derek Brett

The challenges of addressing issues involving litigation or complex negotiations with interests in the United States requires a lawyer trained, vetted in and tested by the U.S. legal system.  Through my experiences and proven success in battling some of the largest, most prominent law firms in court, and through my proven success at the negotiating table, I bring to my clients in Atlantic Canada a toughened attitude; a dedication to client success; and an ambition to success through committed effort and ethical values.  — Derek B. Brett

Derek B. Brett is an experienced lawyer and law professor, hailing from a long, successful career in both Washington, DC, and Florida.   He is now based in the Halifax Regional Municipality, and concentrates his practice on cross-border matters.  Indeed, Brett has brought his considerable talents in both complex litigation and complex transactional work to a new clientele — in Atlantic Canada.

For more than twenty-two years, Brett has constructed an impressive resume in civil litigation,  complex commercial matters, real estate law, labor & employment law, Internet law, tax law and appeals.  Derek’s practice experience is coupled with his previous service as a Professor of Constitutional Law and International Law at the University of Central Florida (2003-2013); and his current, ongoing service as an Auxiliary Professor at Nova Scotia Community College, primarily focusing on teaching Litigation to a new generation of students.

Brett has been actively practicing law since 1996, and has been deeply involved in the legal system since 1991.  He believes in excellent client communication and passionate dedication to client interests.  He has worked extensively in state, provincial and federal court systems.  He also believes that we, as individuals, bear a duty to community — hence, his dedicated involvement within non-profit groups, public committees, and political activities (inclusive of Derek’s status as former, lead regional counsel for U.S. Presidential campaigns).

In 2012, Derek relocated, alongside his family, to Nova Scotia.  Since his arrival, he has become deeply active in the Region’s professional, economic and community-based development.  The future development and prosperity of the region has become a focus of his attention, while — at the same time — ensuring the preservation of the region’s extraordinary quality of life. In his role as lawyer and advocate, Derek has successfully combined the sensibilities of Nova Scotians, with the drive, determination, energy and attitude that resulted in his long-term success in the United States.

As of late-2014, Derek is the only active, full-time lawyer dual-licensed to practice in both the State of Florida and the Province of Nova Scotia.  He maintains active associations and connections within the Florida Bar, and is well-prepared to assist clientele with interests in both jurisdictions.

Bottom line:  “I practice what I preach.  I believe that, as a lawyer, I need to ensure that the legal system is geared toward protecting and vindicating my clients’ interests.  I attempt to do so in a principled and conscientious manner.”

In October 2014, Derek formally associated himself with the Burnside Law Group , based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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