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A Cross-border Law Practice based in Halifax

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American Barrister-Solicitor Derek Brett is now based in the Halifax region, and licensed to practice in both Nations.  As in the United States, he holds an attitude that people do not need to dole out large amounts of precious resources to the biggest firms in order to capture honest, quality-driven, dedicated service. Through his affiliation with The Burnside Law Group, Brett has proven his ability to deliver honest, thoughtful, diligent and zealous advocacy for his clients.  He looks forward to potentially assisting businesses and individuals with their issues — cross-border or domestic.

The future of this region demands the development of improve economic relations with the United States.  Derek Brett arrived in Nova Scotia as an American immigrant — one who understands (arguably, better than anyone else in the region) — the nature of U.S. law and U.S. business practices. He stands ready to safeguard the interests of his clients in any dispute or transaction involving either U.S. or Canadian interests.  Brett is dedicated to assisting Atlantic Canadians and Americans in bringing enhanced prosperity to the Region on Atlantic Canadian terms; and is driven to protect those respective interests whenever and however challenged — inside or outside the courtroom.