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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is never easy.  Oftentimes, we see a far more citizens and companies attempting to face off and overcome the interests of an equally or even more formidable opponent.  It is when the odds are seemingly stacked against a party that strong and passionate legal representation is key.

Derek Brett possesses long-standing experience and skill in representing parties – often those confronted by a more powerful opponent.  The cases handled by his firm run the range of civil litigation – from personal injury, to complex economic litigation, to cases involving homeowners associations and banks.  Ultimately, the firm’s clients expect persistent and intelligent representation – one geared toward achieving the greatest range of success.  And, of course, consistent with the firm’s prime commitment, it attempts to provide the greatest, most consistent degree of client communication and service.

Derek Brett has been featured on Voice of America, as well as in the Orlando Sentinel, and has  for his recognized skill in technology-based litigation strategy.