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Internet Law

Internet Law
  • Website Review
  • Transactional Document/Website Terms
  • Corporate and Regulatory Consulting
  • Legal Advice & Protection from Government Scrutiny
  • Copyright & Trademark
  • Online Entertainment Representation
  • Online Gaming Representation

The Internet has exposed Americans to world news, electronic commerce and to an incredible and brave new world of free expression.  We have been able to better grasp our role in the world – whether it involves texting from Iran, or tragic natural disasters, or even magnificent new talents, due to the advancement of Internet technology.

Derek Brett is well-prepared for the challenges of this 21st Century wonder.  Brett has represented several websites on both the development of contractual/website agreements and terms; been consulted on matters involving both corporate fiduciary matters and government regulatory authority; and represented  websites in matters involving defense against governmental regulation, as well as lawsuits filed in civil court.

Brett’s former clientele have often included companies within the online gaming, and online, adult entertainment industries.  The degree of governmental regulation over such companies is, often, stringent and requires legal counsel prepared to learn, understand and explain the potential pitfalls involved in successfully running an online company that avoids confrontations with government agencies.

Lawyer Derek Brett is dedicated to providing strong consulting services.  He stands ready to utilize its extensive experience to craft website documents (including privacy policies, terms and conditions, affiliate agreements and modeling agreements), in an effort to minimize its clients’ exposure to any form of government scrutiny.  Moreover, he also stands ready to diligently defend its clients in the event that the client finds itself a target of Government.

Derek Brett has regularly appeared on and in both national and local media outlets to comment upon the regulation of Internet enterprises.